In Sabaragamuwa Province there was hardly space for Media. No one dared to fill this space. Mr.Raashid Malhardeen took a bold step to open an Media Production & College in the Sabaragamuwa Province.

Hence, JM MEDIA PRODUCTION & COLLEGE was incorporated on the 10th of October 2013 under the Registration No: 04201. Its’ main business is to accept all kinds of Electronic Media Production.

In addition providing sounds, Voicing and Recording facilities. By extending these facilities at No: 79, Thakiya Road, Mawanella at affordable rates, Their products and services are made known to the people in the Sabaragamuwa as well as in other Provinces.

A team of selected young people tirelessly worked for the development of “JM MEDIA PRODUCTION & COLLEGE”. Hence, within a short spell of time it became most popular Production Company in Island.
While Mr.M.M Raashid was engaged in Media Production works, eminent people in the Sabaragamuwa Province persuaded him to open and operate a College to train Announcers, Programme Compeers, News editors, News Reporters and TV Presenters etc. and extended their moral and financial support.

That is how JM Media College was incorporated. To operate JM Media College, broadcasting equipment was bought at considerable cost. Although JM Media College produced quality Announcers, Journalists, News Editors and Reporters, they have to travel to the South to find employment.

Starting a Regional Radio Station is not an easiest task. It involves obtaining broadcast license, frequencies, investment in broadcasting and transmitting equipment at considerable cost. Hence, it was proposed to commence an online Web Radio at affordable cost. Merits and demerits of operating an online Radio were considered. FM Radio reach is limited to Sri Lanka, and if one misses a programme he/she cannot retrieve and listen it. But in online Web Radio reach is Global and listeners can listen at their convenience irrespective of the country, place or time. Therefore, International online Radio was launched by Mr. M.M. Raashid in the year 2016. Special feature in “THUTHI “FM online Web radio is that Education, comedy sketches and News are broadcast throughout programmes.

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